Instant Messaging for Schools

Iflow Pal Smartphone App

How It Works

Your school uses Iflow to send SMS texts as normal. For every parent that downloads and installs the school app your texting service will automatically redirect your SMS message to an app message.

Predictable Costs

Some months are busier than others. Disruption such as snow, winds and floods can increase the number of messages a school needs to send in any given month.

Using our Pal service you are not charged per message and you are not charged extra for longer messages. Your costs are predictable and controlled.

The end of SMS?

No, but close. In the background Iflow will use both SMS and Pal, automatically deciding the best way to deliver your message. SMS will always be available as the more expensive backup option.

No Extra Work for you!

Your contact lists do not need changing and you can continue to send messages the way you already know how. This service plugs in seemlesly with your existing set up.

Using us through 3rd party software?

No problem. Pal is an SMS redirection service so you continue to use your systems as before and let Iflow do the rest.

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