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Iflow Web Portal

Manage contacts, contact groups and Pal circles and send SMS to one or many with this advanced and secure web portal.

Email to SMS

A firm favourite for call-centres and developers alike when drip-drip messaging is required. Requires no API or SDK beyond sending a simple email.

Private Texting

Avoid costly operator tolls. Connect Iflow Pal users to your Iflow account and redirect SMS message via the Internet.

Microsoft Outlook

Deep integration with Microsoft's email client enables Outlook to manage your text messaging.

Secure SSH Messaging

When security and encryption are vital Iflow scans your remote SFTP site for messages to delivery.


For busier systems POSTing each message is another favourite using standard HTTP protocols and ports.



ExcelSend gives you the power to quickly send groups of SMS text messages to mobile phones from your PC using your spreadsheet data. The feature of merging spreadsheet data in each message makes this an extremely useful productivity tool.

Customized Solutions

Our in-house developer loves creating software especially when they leverage the full range of Iflow's messaging platform.


With SQLSend your data stays on your network. Messages are prepared locally, can be individually previewed and only the messages you want to transmit are actually sent over the Internet.

Who Uses Iflow SMS

Schools and Colleges

Schools love using Iflow not only for the personal touch in our support but for the easy web portal that lets them send messages to individual parents, parents of specific classes, years or the entire role. Read more about schools.

Health Sector

Iflow is embedded with the health sector, whether it's consultants using our email to sms service, clinics using DiaryBook, our appointment reminder service, hospital IT systems integrating directly with Iflow or GPs using our Fax to SMS service.

Contract Employers

Organisations with large numbers of out-of-office workers require the most reliable and cost effective solution to manage two-way instant messaging whether using our email to sms or our Iflow Pal smartphone App.


Management systems often require the ability to alert operatives when problems occur and IT companies find Iflow a reliable, robust and highly-available solution that is there at the vital time when it's needed most.

and many more

In fact over 10,000 users in over 7,000 organisations
have used Iflow since 1998

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