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Texting direct from your data

Use any Service Provider
Same Software - Any Service Provider


Keep Your Data Secure

With SQLSend your data stays on your network. Messages are prepared locally, can be individually previewed and only the messages you want to transmit are actually sent over the Internet.

Broad Reach with ODBC

Using Windows Data Source Names through ODBC gives you the power to connect to many types of data sources including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, Postgre to name but a few.

Freedom Of Choice

Using the commonly used HTTP POST protocol means your software can work with any service provider giving you the freedom to pick, choose and change suppliers without the need to change your software.

Data Driven Messaging

Easily personalise each message using data from your spreadsheet. Even when bulk sending, messages can be individually scheduled to be delivered at different dates and times.

Custom Queries

Enter complex custom queries to extract only the data you need.

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