SQLSend - Sending a Message

Your Data Source

Ensure you have contact data in a database system accessible through Windows ODBC and create a System DSN for it. See SQL Send examples page.

SQLSend FileTab

Run SQLSend. In the Data Connection section click Open Connection.

In the Data Table To Use section you can select which table in your Database to use as source data for your text message.

For your text message you can either type the message in the Text Message box or you can open a message from a text file using the Text Message section of the File Tab.

Appointment Message

If you type a text message in the Text Message box you can save this message to a text file using the Save Message button in the Text Message section of the File tab. Underneath the Text Message box is a message size counter that keeps track of the size of your message.

Fields from your table are listed in the Fields from data table section.

Field Picker

To use a field in the text of your message highlight the field and click the Add Field to Message button. For detailed instructions on personalizing your text message see notes on merging fields with your message. In addition you can alter the format of your merge fields – see notes on formatting merge fields.

Nominate which field contains the phone number. Do this using the Phone number field drop down box.

The schedule section allows you to delay send your message. This section is only available if your Service Provider supports delayed sending.

When the correct sheet and the phone number are selected and you have your text message entered, click on the Create Messages Preview button. This creates all your messages in the list below. Ensure the message is created the way you expect.

When the preview of the message, the phone numbers and the send time are all correct click on Send Messages. This opens a new window that performs the actual submission of the messages to your selected Service Provider.

Sending Window

You can cancel the submission process at any time by clicking the Cancel button. Note: this stops submission but does not cancel messages that were already submitted.

Once the process is complete you can save the results of your submission to an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking Save Results.

result sheet

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