Merge Fields with your Message

A Basic Merge

You can merge fields from your Excel spreadsheet (in ExcelSend) or your source table (in SQLSend) in your message so that each message you send is fully customized to that recipient.

For example – suppose you have a spreadsheet or table with 2 columns: Name and Number.

Sample Spreadsheet
Sample table

You can send a message to each number and personalize each message with the recipients name. Simply put the name of the field inside your message between a pair of double carets (^). In this example you would put ^^Name^^ in your message. For example:

Hi ^^Name^^, training tonight is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

The first message to send would be

Hi Brian, training tonight is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Picking Fields

You can use the software to insert merge fields in your text message. When you open a spreadsheet or connect to a table in ExcelSend you will see a list of your fields on the left. Simply highlight the field required and click the Add Field To Message button.

Field Picker

Formatting Merge Fields

A basic merge field just contains the name of the field – e.g. ^^Pay^^. However, you can also add format specifiers to alter the way the field is displayed. This may be necessary for numbers or dates. To alter the Pay field so that it shows as a currency value you would use


For a full explanation of merge fields see the Format Merge Fields page.

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