Installing the Software


For successful installation of the software please ensure you have the Windows operating system: XP, Vista or 7.

ExcelSend uses .NET Framework 4. If you do not have this installed the installation procedure will install it for you.

To successfully deliver SMS messages you must have an account with a Service Provider. ExcelSend comes with a list of pre-configured Service Providers or you can add your own. See our Service Providers page for more information.

Downloading the software

Visit one of the download pages to download the software to your computer.

ExcelSend Download

SQLSend Download


Run the ExcelSend_Setup.exe file or the SQLSend_Setup file that you downloaded from the website. This starts the installation wizard. The installation procedure is the same for both software products.


On the Welcome screen click NEXT.

Installation Screen

In Step 2 please read the licence agreement to ensure that you agree with the terms. Click I accept the agreement before clicking the Next screen.

Installation Screen

On the Select Destination Location screen you can change where on your PC the software will be installed. When ready click NEXT.

Installation Screen

On the Select Start Menu Folder screen you can change where the shortcut is stored under Start. When ready click NEXT.

Installation Screen

On the Ready to Install screen click the INSTALL button.

The installation routine should not take long. However, if the installation procedure needs to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4, this can take several minutes to complete. Once complete you should have an ExcelSend or SQLSend shortcut in your programs list under the Start menu.

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